Boost efficiency in precast concrete production by adding laser projection

Datum: 14. Oktober 2020
Bauverlag Events / BFT

Precast concrete parts factories must produce large quantities of the same quality in an ever-shorter time. At the same time, complexity of the produced parts is constantly on the rise. In order to face the ever growing complexity and meet the demand for high component quality and cycle times, more and more plants worldwide are implementing laser projection systems. These systems eliminate the need for manual measuring by means of a tape measure and optimize efficiency throughout the entire production cycle.

Max Mandt-Merck, sales manager at LAP, will explain how to use laser projection systems in order to significantly increase precast concrete parts production. Find out how to accelerate manual set-up at work stations and increase productivity in production while simultaneously improving precast element quality. Get to know our CAD-PRO laser projection system! LAP will give a live demonstration of the system’s functionalities.

Note: This web-seminar will be in english.

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